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I – A Grand Entrance

It is written... One with a pure heart can activate the Soul Pulse, and force the initiation of The Planet's purification... And start anew. Because of that, many seek the Soul Pulse... a magical skill of great power... That is why it must be kept safe, and out of the shadows...

Once a year, celebrations would take place in the City of Lights, to welcome a flurry of shooting stars. A massive congregation would parade through the streets, smiles and cheering everywhere to be seen. As the group of stars reached a certain point, an aurora would appear, over the city entire. Most mistook this for a natural phenomenon, but it was caused by conflicting magic from the stars and The Planet, clashing together to create momentary shockwaves; AKA the auroras.

Decorations lit up the streets, creating a golden glow which engulfed the entire city; one of the reasons why the city had a name associated with lights.

The people of the City of Lights moved in unison toward the Hyoushoutou, also known as the Ice Crystal Tower; a large obelisk of crystal. This point in the city was the highest, and so it afforded them a better view, to see the stars pass over. And with everyone on the hill, there was no one to guard the city... The highest point of vulnerability to attack.


Within the crowds, a dark-haired boy stood, staring at the obelisk with cold blue eyes. He looked upon the obelisk quickly before letting out a slight sigh, turning to walk away. Nothing of importance here... It seems that the Hyoushoutou is safe...

A wave of "ooh"s and "look"s passed through the crowds as the auroras began to appear, and flurries of shooting stars raced across the sky. The boy continued to walk, failing to notice the obscured figure who jumped from the building in front of him. But his attention was soon gained as an cruel voice rang clear throughout the city.

"Good evening, peasants," He began, emphasizing the word 'peasant' with as much hate as he could possibly summon. "I'm here for this little obelisk." He traced a finger along the edge, as he grinned, teeth shining through the shadow thrown down on his face by his large hood. The boy looked around over his shoulder.

"Who the hell is that..?" Someone muttered in the crowd.

"Maybe he's part of the event or something..."

"You idiots... My name is Taizen. And why am I here? Why... To spread the darkness!" He shouted, throwing off his hood as he raised his hand high into the air. The rainbow coloured aurora slowly turned black, as if it was rotting. A cackle escaped Taizen's grinning mouth as the darkness of the corrupted slowly around his hand.

"And now, the show really begins!" He shouted, thrusting his hand, dark magic and all, into the top of the obelisk. The air chilled as colour seemed to drain from the lights around them. The staring crowds let out screams of terror, almost preemptively, as the obelisk exploded into a thundering haze of shards and lightning.

"The first crystal is broken... You're powerless to stop me, Warrior of Light." Taizen laughed, as waves of energy bathed the city. Those that were not killed in the explosion were frozen in time as the waves of energy hit them, colour draining from their eyes as they stopped dead in their tracks.

Only the dark-haired boy remained.

"Your name, kid."

"Tamashi.. Reito Tamashi." He replied, watching Taizen with eyes that revealed nothing of what he planned to do.

"I see… And The Planet chose you to be it's saviour?" Taizen questioned, raising an eyebrow.


"Ha! The Planet is so old… Perhaps it's losing it's touch now. Well, as a Warrior of Darkness… I have to kill you, here and now!" He shouted, throwing off his cloak as he flew down with terrifying speed. Reito could only catch a glint of purple before he was attacked, and sent flying across the ground by a slash to his chest.

"Ugh… You'll pay for that…"

"You're still alive? Considering that was equivalent to me flicking my finger, you should be… But I'm guessing you put up some kind of barrier before I could do any real damage…"

Reito rubbed his chest, before placing his hands to his sides.

"That look in your eyes..." Taizen smirked. "I like that look. It means you'll last a few extra seconds against me!" The laugh that escaped him came as fast as the sword he slashed out with, sending a shockwave towards Reito. He flipped to the side, drawing two katanas.

"What are they? Butter knives?" He said, raising an eyebrow before attacking again. Reito dodged once more, falling against the frozen body of one of the populace, breaking it as soon as he touched it. Taizen did not spare any lives as he passed, the shockwaves from sword breaking any frozen bystander in range.

C'mon Reito… Pull yourself together, He thought to himself, as he dodged another hit. He lashed out with his left, pulling back the right, thrusting fast underneath Taizen's guard. Taizen grabbed Reito's sword, and with a grin, launched him high into the air.

"Damnit," He cursed, spinning past a fireball as he fell back to earth. "I'm going to finish you! Soul Pulse: Cool Overdrive!!" He shouted, his swords disappearing as a sphere of ice magic formed in his hand, slowly getting bigger as he fell.

"Aha… I should've known." He pointed a finger towards Reito, a ball of fire expanding at it's tip. "Falling from the sky leaves you pretty defenceless, y'know." He whispered calmly, releasing a torrent of dark fire from his fingers, which snaked upward to meet Reito on his descent.

"Not this time…" Reito, using his free hand, let out a wave of ice, pushing himself down to the ground. He fell underneath the wave of fire, before releasing another wave, on which he landed.


Reito launched off, now close to Taizen, as he forced the sphere of pure ice magic into his chest. A huge explosion engulfed them both in blue light, before Reito landed far behind him.

"Ugh… I guess I underestimated your power," Taizen groaned as he tried to move. "But don't think you've won…"

Reito turned to face him, staring at him with eyes full of anger and hate.

"Shut up and die already!" He shouted, about to slam his katanas into Taizen's chest.

"Not when I have so many plans." He whispered, disappearing into a cloud of smoke and black fire.

"Shit…" Reito said, before falling into the dark grass, in a deep slumber. Using the Soul Pulse had taken out more energy than he had.

The shooting stars hovered in place over the sky, frozen in time, as the rest of the city was. Taizen had destroyed the first crystal tower, knocking the city out of balance… Reito had failed.

If he were to open his eyes, he would see the silhouette of a person coming closer, and maybe hear a voice as the figure noticed him.

"You aren't frozen… How strange…"
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I - A Grand Entrance

The Wish Festival, a yearly event, is taking place in the famous City of Lights. A Warrior of Light, chosen by The Planet, watches the celebrations with a cold expression, knowing that this is the perfect time for the crystal tower to be attacked. Little does he know, the auroras that follow are actually waves of magic caused by the shooting stars. As the people close in on the Hyoushoutou, the event comes to an abrupt end, by the hand of a man who goes by the name of Taizen... His grand entrance beckons the end of time itself.


Taizen Heigakusha =Taizen-DD
Reito Tamashi =Taizen-DD
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MrZeke2049 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
i like how this is written, plan on reading the rest of your writings ^_^
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Thank you! I'm really happy you like it :happycry:
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Wwwwhao I loved this chapter and holy balls Taizen is evil.
I love the way you explained the auroras; that's clever~! ;D
All in all, this is a very grasping story!
suikuun Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
:happycry: Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it 8D
The best is yet to come. :eyes:
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